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Charles John Jarvis en de Bungalows on BRT Radio in 1992 (Dutch)

Anjo, kan je Charles contacteren op het nummer 014/41.15.48.
Hartelijk dank.

Love Child was written especially for the birth of the daughter of Alides Hidding and Ann Verberk. It was written 3 months before their daughter was born.

Enjoy the music!

Here are the recent recording demos for the new record.
Love Child
Smart Alec Road

Day 2:
I Don't Believe This
Forever For Never
Love Child (Piano Version)
Final Chapter Smile

New Book by Charles John Jarvis : Into the Arms of the Archangels, edited by Kristof Gabriel van Hooymissen

Beste vrienden, fans en pers van muziekredacties zoals Humo,
Ik vraag jullie 1 ding : vergeef mij het:
Ik ga mainstream kiezen en heb al jarenlang een album te maken in Dublin.
Charles Jarvis

Nieuw 2021: Charles Jarvis Book Free (Three) hier te verkrijgen.

Download PDF-file of the latest book (In Dutch/English)

Discography of released albums

The Newest Album by Charles John Jarvis is sold out. Email Charles Jarvis to get your album. Also available in local stores in Antwerp, Belgium.

As a Christmas and New Year gift for 2021 we give away the download of the Street Soul (2010) album. Right-click and choose Save As ... Use WinRar to unzip.

Alides Hiding is known from the song "Listen to the man with the Golden Voice" by his band the Time Bandits.

Charles Jarvis and Alides Hidding Turn it off and turn it on

Charles Jarvis and Alides Hidding The Pain Slowly Goes

Charles Jarvis and Alides Hidding Be Yourself

Charles Jarvis has started composing for His first self-titled album.

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Charles Jarvis zijn boek is in tweede druk te koop via

Beide boeken zijn ook verkrijgbaar via de online shop van Standaard Boekhandel en de betere online boekhandels van België en vooral Nederland.

Het levensverhaal van Charles John Alexander Jarvis

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New Demo Street Soul Revisited - Kristo & Jarvis (guidetrack demo)

De Mon Ami Recordings is verschenen op Record Store Day op 21 april 2018.

Underground House

We're satisfied for the moment, but truth goes on.

Magdalene Song (guidetrack demo)

Here you'll find most of the productions that Charles Jarvis made.

Street Soul - Princess of the sky STUDIO VERSION (Jarvis/Roelants/Van Hooymissen)

Coffee and Coffins Live at Wir War - 15th of august 2002.

Flower Bed Live at Wir War - 15th of august 2002.

Junkie On The Rock Live at Wir War - 15th of august 2002.

Song for Sonja demo-version

New song by Kristo Awakenings

Life Charles Jarvis demo 2017-2018

Charles Jarvis & Kristof Van Hooymissen Free Jamming

Charles Jarvis jamming at the Groenplaats Antwerpen. Click here to listen

Charles Jarvis new demo 'Song for Wendy'

New demo Autumn by Charles Jarvis & Kristo.

Charles Jarvis singing Redemption Song, originally by Bob Marley

Rehearsal Recording : Healing (Homestudio exercise)

New demo We gotta slow down

New idea Dance Song

New song uploaded 'She Married An Angel' from the album 'Street Soul'.

New demo-recording : Charles Jarvis & Kristo : 'Last Chance'.

Here you can listen to a recording of Valentine for his miss and his son.

Charles Jarvis was born in Bury Saint Edmunds in The United Kingdom and moved with his family to the Netherlands and later on to Turnhout Belgium. He currently lives in Antwerp. He started his musical career with "God and His New Empire" together with Vitalski in 1985, but left the band because of a fridge filled with champagne. With his band L.I.P. (Lords Irresistible Passion) he made his debute album in 1987 with the title "The Elephants' Graveyard" The band L.I.P. also appeared on the L.P. "Fourteen Bands From Below The Sealevel" in 1988.

After L.I.P. he started his solo-career with the split-CD "Arty Farty Dipshit", which was shared with the Bungalows.

In 1993 the song "The Man With The Golden Hair" appeared on vinyl as well as on the album "Don't Tell Mommy".

In 1994 he released "If music be the food of love" with his rockband "The Weezelz".

In 2001 the single "Love Call On Me" was released and appeared on Dutch Television (‘Man Bijt Hond’), together with the songs ‘Devotion’ and ‘Walk Away’ by Ben Harper.

In 2005 he released the album ‘Songs From The Heart’ uit. The national press liked the album. Two years later, in 2007 he released the vinyl-record ‘Ode To Our Children" with ‘The Jarvis Band’.

Through the years he has been on several national Belgian radio and television programs when it was still called BRT, for instance ‘Update’ and ‘Jessie & Quisinex’ (Studio Brussel), ‘2x Anders’ (VTM), ‘Man Bijt Hond’ (VRT) and he also played with the nightmare of Antwerp Vitalski on ‘Netwerk’ (Nederland 1).

Also Jarvis was on several complation vinyls and cd's: ‘Coming Hits Made in Belgium’ (1992), ‘Read A Flower’ (1999), and ‘Antler Subway House’-CD with ‘Stricktly Nervous’, also an American Hitsingle, House of Acid Jazz, with the hitsingle "Ring Ring".

He also released 2 auto-biographical books ‘Twintig Duizend Mijl Onder De Belgische Zeebodem Zonder Voedsel Vriendschap & Verlichting’ (20 000 Miles Below The Belgian Sealevel Without Friendship, Food or Enlightenment) en ‘In het dodenappartement’ (In the killing apartment).

With his cartoons and paintings he was at several exhibitions: o.a: at ‘De Warande’ and ‘De Roma’ (Borgerhart 2002 en 2008).

In 2010 he released the album "Street Soul" together with Kristof Van Hooymissen. The album was produced by Eddy Weyns from Turnhout and was available at FNAC Antwerp.

In 2014, a completely remastered version of "If Music Be The Food of Love" was released, because of the 20th anniversary.


1987: Debutecassette by Lords Irresistible Passion (L.I.P.): "The Elephants Graveyard".

1988: Release of the L.P."Who wants to be a popmusician nowadays?" with the song "Spanish Fly": a little coffeeshop-hit.

1991: A song on CD; "Coming Hits: The MIDEM music Festival in Cannes, France. Also for this festival a Jep-records-sampler "The Man With The Golden Hair", later released on the "Arty Farty Dipshit" dipshit.

1992: Solo-debute of Charles Jarvis: "Arty Farty Dipshit" at Jep Records, with Ronny Mosuse (bass, backing vocals) and Robert Mosuse (drums, percussion), co-production by the Mosuse-brothers.

1993: The compilation CD "Don 't Tell Mommy" with "The Man With The Golden Hair" and a house-song "Ring Ring" at the Antler Subway Records CD "Strictly Nervous".

1994: Second album by Charles Jarvis & The Weezles entitled "If Music Be The Food Of Love".

In 1997 Charles Jarvis played together with the Oscar-winning Irish band "The Frames".

1998: CD-single with Vitalski: "We're Not Dead Yet"

2001: CD-single "Love Call On Me".

2005: Third album by Charles Jarvis with his own label (Macc Nabb Records): "Songs From The Heart".

2005-2006-2007: Charles Jarvis on "Best Of Soundshape".

2007: Release vinylrecord "Ode To Our Children" on his own label MacNabb Records.

2008: "The Elephants Graveyard" digitally remastered on CD.

2010: Recordings "Street Soul".

2011: Release "Street Soul".

2014: Release remastered version of "If music be the food of love ... play on" by Charles Jarvis & The Weezelz, was available in Fnac Antwerpen.

2018 : Release of The Mon Ami Recordings on Mac Nabb Records

2024 : Release of the song from 2023 : Don't Put The Pressure on Me, Charles John Alexander Jarviss & El Syndicat on Spotify

Click here to read several articles released in the press (in Dutch).

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